Vintage Animal Art

Introducing our captivating collection of canvas wall art featuring sublime portraits of animals dressed to the nines in chic retro fashion. Each stunning piece captures the playfulness and personalities of dogs, cats, birds and wildlife adorned in vintage attire including hats, bowties, dresses, and more in quintessential old-fashioned style.


Blending elements of illustration, impressionism, and watercolor elegantly, our artists envision household pets and woodland creatures as fashion icons of the past with meticulous attention to fetching textures, striking colors and lively brushwork. The result is beautiful fine art brimming with nostalgia, whimsy and elegant allure.


Elevate your living room, bedroom or nursery with these gorgeous prints celebrating the bygone charm of dapper animals and avian friends. Their impeccable retro style fills any home with joy and vintage sophistication.


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