The Ultimate Guide to Modern Farmhouse Style

Shiplap wall

Modern farmhouse style has become one of the most popular interior design trends in recent years. This rustic yet refined style combines elements of traditional farmhouse decor with a more contemporary and sophisticated flair.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know to create the perfect modern farmhouse aesthetic in your own home.

What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse style brings together the rustic charm of traditional farmhouses with sleek, contemporary design. It’s all about achieving a perfect balance between cozy and elegant.

Some key characteristics of modern farmhouse style include:

Blend of Rustic and Contemporary

Modern farmhouse seamlessly blends natural materials like wood and stone with more modern elements like metal and marble. This creates a look that is both organic and polished.

Clean Lines

The style mixes the comfort of farmhouse with smooth, clean lines found in modern design. Think wood beams paired with streamlined furniture silhouettes and minimal ornamentation.

Abundant Natural Light

Lots of windows, skylights and high ceilings allow natural light to flood interior spaces. This contributes to the laidback vibe.

Inviting and Relaxed

Modern farmhouse rooms feel casual yet put-together. The look is inviting and never stuffy.

So in summary, modern farmhouse style brings nature indoors through the use of organic textures and materials, while still retaining a sense of refinement and sophistication.

The Architecture of Modern Farmhouse

Certain architectural details can help transform a space into modern farmhouse style. Here are some of the most characteristic features:

Shiplap Walls

Painted shiplap walls add texture and visual interest. Shiplap can be incorporated as an accent wall or used throughout a space. It works especially well in kitchens, entryways and bedrooms.

Shiplap wall

Board and Batten

Board and batten paneling lends a bold vertical element. Use it sparingly on a focal wall or entry door. For exterior cladding, it can give a pastoral look.

Board and Batten

Exposed Beams

Exposed beams add architectural detail and create visual interest on ceilings and walls. They highlight high ceilings and bring a natural element indoors.

A-Frame Roofs

A-frame roofs have sloped sides that meet at a peak. This unique roofline gives a home a charming, rustic look reminiscent of cozy mountain cabins.

Wide Plank Floors

Wide wood floors with varied staining and visible knots add a rustic barn-like feel. They can be left natural or painted for a more modern look.

Mixed Metals

Mixing metal finishes is an easy way to give a space a modern edge. Try combining:

  • Matte black fixtures & hardware
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Aged bronze or brass accents
  • Antique nickel or iron

The key is finding balance. Limit yourself to 2-3 complementary metals.

Modern Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures

Lighting plays an important role in achieving both cozy and contemporary vibes. Some top options include:

Industrial Pendants

Industrial pendants, often in matte black, add an urban edge. Use them over a kitchen island or dining table.

Oversized Lantern Pendants

Oversized lantern-shaped pendants have a traditional charm. An oversized scale gives them a modern update.

Oversized Lantern Pendants
Oversized Lantern Pendants

Woven Pendants

Made from natural fibers like rattan, woven pendants have an organic look. They work in farmhouse, tropical and bohemian spaces.

Modern Farmhouse Furniture

Furniture selection plays a big role in achieving the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Focus on pieces with:

Clean Lines

Sofas, chairs and beds with streamlined silhouettes feel refined. Avoid overly ornate carved details.

Natural Wood Tables

Wood dining tables, often reclaimed or with visible knots, add organic contrast.

Wood or Metal Bed Frames

Wood or black iron bed frames feel pared-back and timeless. Soft bedding balances the simplicity.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

To get the modern farmhouse kitchen of your dreams:

Install an Apron Sink

A deep apron front sink is a characteristic choice. Stainless steel or fireclay materials fit with the aesthetic.

Select Simple Shaker Cabinets

Clean, unfussy shaker style cabinets complement other modern elements like marble countertops and stainless appliances.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Wood cutting boards, woven baskets, ceramic crockery, and plants infuse organic flair.

Add a Large Island

Islands create casual dining space and add roomy prep space to a kitchen. Opt for butcher block or marble on top.

Neutral Color Palette

Sticking with a neutral color scheme creates an airy, relaxed feel. Ideal shades include:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Light gray
  • Taupe
  • Natural wood tones

Pops of black or brass provide contrast.

Natural Materials

Texture is brought into modern farmhouse spaces through the abundant use of organic materials like:

  • Jute and sisal
  • Soft linen
  • Cozy textiles like wool and cotton
  • Live edge wood
  • Cut stone
  • Leather and hide rugs

Handmade ceramics, carved wood pieces, and houseplants also reinforce the connection to nature.

Mix Rustic and Refined

The key to nailing modern farmhouse style is artfully blending rough with smooth elements.

For example, you could pair:

  • A reclaimed wood dining table with velvet chairs
  • An antique trunk with a contemporary area rug
  • A brick fireplace with streamlined built-ins

The juxtaposition between rugged and polished creates visual interest and depth.

Understand Restraint

When designing a modern farmhouse space, carefully curate each element. It can be tempting to overdo it on trendy barn doors, distressed wood finishes, and Americana motifs.

Stick to a few thoughtfully chosen antique or repurposed pieces. Then build the rest of the room around simpler furnishings and decor. This creates a collected look that feels authentic.

It’s about balance. You want just enough imperfection to offer rustic warmth without crossing into shabby chic territory.

How To Add Modern Farmhouse Style To Your Home

Here are some tips for effortlessly working a touch of modern farmhouse style into your interior:

  • Paint window frames black for bold contrast
  • Incorporate reclaimed wood as an accent wall or shelving
  • Install shiplap or tongue-and-groove paneling around a fireplace
  • Style a console table with antique books and a simple earthenware vessel
  • Hang an oversized woven pendant light in an entryway or above a dining table
  • Soften metallics like brass and black iron with natural materials
  • Choose an antique or repurposed rug layered over wood floors
  • Add a vintage ladder, crate, or sculpture as a decorative element

Even small touches like artisanal pottery, a jute pillow, or organic textured blanket can infuse spaces with modern farmhouse charm.

Focus on a select few statement-making antique or vintage items, rather than going overboard with too many reclaimed pieces. This will ensure your look stays polished.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas to Avoid

While creating your modern farmhouse oasis, steer clear of these overly literal interpretations:

Overusing Distressed Furnishings

A single salvaged or appropriately weathered piece adds character. Too much creates a shabby look.

Literal Farmhouse Props

Items like pitchforks, watering cans, and tractor seats as wall decor come across as kitschy.

Overdoing Sliding Barn Doors

One dramatic sliding barn door can look chic. More than that starts to feel like a theme.

Mason Jars as Decor

Mason jars belong in the pantry, not on display. Use proper vessels instead.


Modern farmhouse style strikes the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary. Focus on clean lines, abundant light, natural materials, and just a touch of imperfection.

Architectural details like exposed beams and an intuitive, neutral color palette reinforce the laidback elegance of this look.

By artfully blending reclaimed and polished pieces, you can create a welcoming modern farmhouse space. Just be selective about adding imperfect objects and rustic textures to keep the look refined.

With these tips, you can easily infuse any room with both farmhouse coziness and modern sophistication.

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