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How to Look After Your Hands and Nails to Improve Your Tone and Technique for Guitar


If you play guitar, you know how important it is to have healthy and well-groomed hands and nails. Your fingers are the main contact point between you and your instrument, so you want them to be strong, flexible, and comfortable. Whether you play with a pick or with your fingers, your nails can affect your […]

4 Common Mistakes Guitar Players Make And How To Avoid

There are so many guitar players who feel like they aren’t improving and the reason is often because of some common mistakes they make while practicing. If we can avoid these common mistakes, we’ll be able to progress faster and become better guitar players. Therefore, today I’m going to list four common mistakes guitar players […]

6 Good Tips For New Guitar Players

Learning to play the guitar is a very rewarding experience, but it can also be extremely frustrating at times. It takes dedication and hours of practice to learn your first chords, let alone any songs. Read this article for guidelines that will ease you into guitar playing and help you pick out the perfect starter-guitar. […]

15 Tips For Self-taught Guitarists

It’s easy to think that you’ll never reach the same levels of playing as your favorite guitarists. Whether it’s Jimmy Page, Slash or Tom Morello, they all had to start somewhere, right? Learning how to play has bfecome more accessible now than ever before with online lessons and tutorials. You can find hundreds of videos […]

Best Tips For Guitar Players With Small Hands

“How do I deal with my small hands?” This is probably one of the most asked questions when it comes to guitar playing, and especially for people who start out. That’s perfectly understandable! It can be extremely frustrating at first if you’re trying to play your favourite song and your fingers just seem too fat […]