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If you love someone and want to say something special to them, why not give them a message card necklace? These necklaces offer you the chance to express your thoughts while also making a meaningful gift. They become perfect decorations for birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, valentines’ days, Christmas or any other occasion.

There are many designs available online that you can choose from. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re giving them a personal message or a funny saying; they would surely love it.

Let’s see why you should buy a message card necklace with these top 5 reasons:

1. They are beautiful

A beautiful romantic design will instantly brighten their day when they receive it. You can send them a sweet message along with it. When you give this message card necklace as a gift, you don’t need to worry about sending them text messages only.

It’s convenient enough to have a conversation during a long distance relationship.

Check out our message card necklaces collection.

2. Make your loved one smile

A humorous phrase for them makes the recipient laugh and feel more relaxed. A simple message can be extremely motivating for them. If there is a problem in their life, they wouldn’t be able to solve it all by themselves. But after receiving such a nice greeting, all their worries disappear instantly, which helps in improving their mood.

3. Express Your Thoughts

When we know someone well, we understand what they like and dislike. Giving them a personalized message can make a huge difference between just talking and talking to each other.

For example, if you have been dating for few months now, and your partner does not mention how handsome he thinks you are, do you really think his mind is always in your head? Of course, no! That way, he might get confused and start wondering why you’re trying to put him on a pedestal. He may even doubt himself.

Instead of feeling awkward or embarrassed, try writing down exactly what you like about him and why it’s important enough for you to tell him about it. Or else, you could try some creative phrases (without going over board too, remember).

4. Make Friendships Look Good

You cannot underestimate the importance of complimenting the person properly. A simple ‘thank you’ with a sincere note can work wonders in encouraging people around you. The best part here is that you can never go wrong and pick anything you deem appropriate to compliment.

Moreover, the message card necklace offers you this opportunity to do so. Your friendship will be more connected. Find a necklace that make your friend realise that your friendship is timeless.

5. Show Appreciation And Respect

Expressing appreciation for certain qualities gives us a sense of belongingness towards someone. But you also show respect by being respectful yourself. If someone asks for advice or shares their feelings with you, you must provide them answers because no one would want to hear all those problems.

By expressing kindness and understanding; it will give your message an extra charm.


Necklaces with message cards are great gifts for anyone who loves to express their emotions with words. If you are finding some unique gifts for your loved ones, buying a message card necklace is a perfect idea. At EZ Custom Gifts, we offer a variety of necklaces for daughter, granddaughters, moms, grandma, sons, etc... that will suit your needs and bring a smile to your loved ones.

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