Choosing the Perfect Baby Name Sign for Your Nursery

Nursery name signs are special pieces of art to decorate your nursery. They add beauty, character and warmth to any child’s room. But choosing the best baby name sign for your nursery can be overwhelming. Here are 6 tips for selecting the perfect name sign for your nursery:

  1. Determine what style you want to use in your nursery.

For a more traditional look try a solid colored name sign or one with simple fonts. If you prefer something different try a whimsical color pattern or an animal design.

  1. Choose a font that is easy on eyes.

Some people love cute cartoon characters or bright colors but others prefer classic and neutral fonts. There are many options when it comes to nursery font so make sure the font you choose is appropriate for the room.

  1. Don’t forget about the size!

Make sure the name sign is long enough to fit the letters comfortably. If you are going to have a wall hanging name sign measure it from corner to corner before purchasing.

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  1. Add personality to your nursery by creating a theme.

You could go all out and create a whole theme around your nursery. You can do this by having matching wallpaper or bedding. Or if you are just looking to add some fun then try adding a personal touch like a favorite stuffed animal or favorite toy.

  1. Pick the right material

Don’t just go to the local craft store and purchase some scrap wood. Instead, take your time and get creative. A piece of wood isn’t very interesting unless you add a unique detail like a ribbon, fabric or even a tag hanging from the end of each letter.

  1. Make it personal

Think about all the times you’ve seen other names created over the years. What did those names look like? Chances are they were pretty boring. If you want something memorable give your name sign a little personal touches like personalized embroidery or embellishment.

Personalized nursery name signs are a great way to add a personal touch to your nursery.

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