8 Home Decorating Tips For the DIYer in You

Hiring a professional interior designer could be the perfect solution when your house is lacking in style or design. However, if you want to spice up and create a unique look that’s your own, you can do it yourself with a little creativity and the right tools. So whether you’re trying to impress friends and family or just make your house feel like home, read on for our top 8 tips!

  1. Let the sunshine in your kitchen

Before you start decorating, you must first make sure your kitchen feels bright, happy and inviting. As one of the most used rooms in the house, this area should have a good amount of natural light; this will help make it feel more welcoming for guests. If your kitchen is gloomy, consider installing an artificial light or even moving some furniture around so it has better access to the sun.

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  1. Create mood boards

Your mood board isn’t just useful for visualising your design ideas – it can also be a great way to get inspired. A mood board is simply a collection of images, colours and textures that are important to you. Whether you choose images from magazines, nature, art galleries or your imagination, try using different materials such as paper, fabric and paint. You may also use Pinterest, where you can search millions of digital mood boards created by other people.

  1. Pick out the right colour scheme

Once you’ve picked out the basic layout of your room, you’ll need to decide what colours you want to use. Consider how your interior design fits into your overall aesthetic. If your décor is minimalist, then neutral tones such as black, white and grey work well. But if you are looking for something a bit more colourful, you could go for bold colours like red or orange.

  1. Use accessories wisely

Your choice of accessories is another key element to making any space feel warm and comfortable. This includes cushions, curtains, pictures, plants and candles. Think about what colours complement each other and place them together, for example, blue cushions and wall art next to a bedspread in a cool shade of yellow. In the same vein, put items of matching size and scale next to each other, such as small vases sitting beside larger ones.

  1. Use a mix of colors on your walls

It’s often easier to change paint than wallpaper, meaning that changing the overall theme of a room doesn’t involve rewiring and replacing everything. However, if you prefer not to risk damaging your wallcovering, there are several ways to bring in new colours and patterns without affecting its texture. One option is to use a stencil or brush for a bolder look – but if you don’t want to go down this route, you can buy decoupage pens that allow you to layer textured paints over your existing surface. Or, if you prefer, a coat of latex paint gives you a very affordable option (and no mess at all).

Another trending way to decorate your walls is to add to them custom wood signs. They have different colors and sayings that could be customized and give your walls a personal touch.

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  1. Be brave with the lighting

Adding a few extra lights or installing pendant lamps can provide ample illumination in any room. By choosing the right lampshade, a lamp can transform a simple table lamp into an elegant focal point. To keep things under control, add dimmers to lamps. But remember too much light can sometimes overwhelm smaller spaces, so play around with the brightness until you find just the right balance.

  1. Add a farmhouse sink, if possible

Farmhouse sinks are becoming increasingly popular due to their rustic and vintage appearance. They are particularly suited to kitchens where they look especially appealing because of their curved shape and lack of knobs or handles.

  1. Bring nature indoors

Use plants in the form of pot plants or potted herbs, instead of flowers, which can look overwhelming when placed indoors. You could even opt for greenery-covered planters for added interest.

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