6 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truckers

When you’ve been driving a semi for any amount of time, it’s easy to forget the new drivers out there. Inexperience can be dangerous when driving a big rig through traffic and negotiating tight spaces. That’s why we decided to share these 6 trucking tips from experienced truckers with everyone so that being safe on the road was easier than ever.

1. Know your blind spots

Before you start driving, know where your blind spots are located, and be ready for what could happen when someone is in them. When people don’t understand how much space a trucker needs to make their deliveries or pick-ups, accidents can happen that involve the vehicle’s trailer.

2. Get on the right side of the road

Being a new driver on the road can be difficult since it takes some time to learn where you need to be in order not drive like everyone else. Many experienced truckers do things on one side of their vehicle that is different than what they do on the other side; this means getting on the right side of the road will make life easier for everyone.

3. Know where you’re going

One reason so many accidents happen when driving a semi is because people forget how long it takes trucks to stop in time. That’s why being familiar with your route and having a plan before you start driving is so important. Taking exits at random or changing lanes where you don’t need to is dangerous, and the more prepared you are for your route, the safer it will be.

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4. Make room when driving near semi-trucks

When driving on the road with a trucker coming up beside you, make sure there are no cars in between either of your vehicles so the passing can happen smoothly. If you’re driving a small car and need to pass a truck, make sure it’s safe for you to do so before you merge over, because it could be too late by the time the idea comes up.

5. Sit comfortably while driving

In order to drive comfortably on your route, there are some things you have to have with you. Making sure your truck is equipped with things like a comfortable chair and good ventilation will keep you healthy and alert, meaning that accidents involving drowsiness won’t happen as often.

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6. Let the pros do their job; they know what they’re doing!

Semi-truck drivers are professionals at what they do, and chances are they’re coming up with solutions to problems you don’t even know about. Doing things like speeding through construction zones or merging onto the highway without using their blinkers is dangerous for everyone; let them do their jobs and focus on yours!

There’s a lot more to driving a big rig than most people realize, and in order to stay safe on the road it’s important to follow these tips from experienced truckers.

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