6 Self-Care Tips for Teachers

Every teacher dreams of teaching for their whole career – and while a full day of lessons, meetings, administration, planning and grading seems enough, the reality of teaching is that a school year comes with a lot of stress. Teachers may put aside self care until they’re experiencing burnout and feel overwhelmed. And the best teachers realize their own personal wellness is connected to the health of their students. So check out these six self care tips from teachers who recognize that teaching isn’t always easy:

  1. Make sure you have time to relax and rest

Whether it’s through exercising at home or taking weekend trips, finding ways to de-stress can help teachers stay on top of things and enjoy the work they do. “In my experience, relaxing and getting away from the classroom helps me get back into the groove of teaching,” says Heather Giddings, an university educator in San Diego.

Giddings finds that she needs time off every month to replenish her energy. She also has her yoga mat ready for practice whenever she feels stressed.

  1. Make learning fun!

If a teacher doesn’t have fun working, there will be no passion behind the lesson. It just won’t happen.

“Teaching children isn’t all about making them learn something,” Giddings says. “It’s also about having a good time, creating memories together, and having a positive impact on their lives.”

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  1. Get support from your colleagues

A supportive community around you is important to your wellbeing. Supportive colleagues are those who offer advice when you need it, celebrate accomplishments with you, and help cheer you up when you’re feeling down.

“When I have a tough day, I reach out to friends and family who understand; a simple text message or phone call can make a difference,” Giddings notes.She also keeps in touch with her former professors at UC Berkeley. They were instrumental in helping her become a better teacher once she got a job.

  1. Try new activities

Try something new every so often. It could be cooking dinner with your kids, going hiking or dancing together. You don’t have to take up a sport or try out for a band. Just try something different, and see how you fare.”Making small changes can improve your overall outlook. Try doing something you’ve never done before, like riding a bike, or simply changing out of your normal clothes.

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  1. Eat well

Eating right provides energy for the body and the mind. A healthy diet allows you to focus more clearly and gives you the nutrients you need to perform well in stressful situations. Eating a variety of foods throughout the week keeps your body satisfied.

  1. Focus on yourself

The best teachers keep themselves accountable by tracking their own performance. When teachers find themselves falling behind or struggling to meet standards, they look inward first. Doing this means they’re less focused on what others think and more concerned with their own strengths and weaknesses as compared to everyone else.”As someone who teaches English, writing is a big part of my curriculum,” Giddings explains. “I spend a lot of time reading books, articles, and blogs related to teaching, but as a writer myself, most of my practice consists of writing. It’s not the easiest thing to sit down and write everyday, but if I want to improve as a professional, I need to push myself to do the work.”

And while it sounds counterintuitive to prioritize your own health over the success of your students, as Giddings points out, “It’s not about saving for retirement when you’re young, because you’ll live forever. It’s about taking care of yourself now while you still have the chance,” she says.

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