4 Common Mistakes Guitar Players Make And How To Avoid

There are so many guitar players who feel like they aren’t improving and the reason is often because of some common mistakes they make while practicing.

If we can avoid these common mistakes, we’ll be able to progress faster and become better guitar players.

Therefore, today I’m going to list four common mistakes guitar players make and how to avoid them.


There are times I’ll come across a student who’s been playing for a couple of months and knows just a few things here and there. Whenever that happens, I tell the student that it’s important to play things that you’re not good at as well.

You must be able to understand and identify your weaknesses if you want to improve.

If you only practice the things you like and avoid everything else, there will come a time when you realise that certain aspects of your playing need improvement and it will already be too late.

This usually happens to those who’ve been playing for years and we all know; “the day you stop progressing is the day you should quit”

Therefore, make sure that you play things that you’re not good at as well!

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I’ve seen a lot of guitar players who only play when they feel like it or in other words; “they practice when they feel like practicing”

When you only play when you feel like playing, you’re also giving yourself excuses not to practice.

Sometimes you could be feeling tired, sick or even hungover but guess what? That’s exactly the time that you should be playing.

There’s no magical time that you should be playing guitar; it could be in the morning, afternoon or night, whenever!

So what if you don’t feel like practicing? Just hit the guitar and start playing something simple. The truth is; your mind controls everything so if you can make yourself play even when you don’t feel like it, your mind will eventually get used to it and practice will become a habit.

If you want learning guitar to be a part of your lifestyle, then start playing at certain times whenever you can!

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This is another common mistake that I’ve seen from many of my students.

The practice room is usually small, the walls are white and it’s often daylight. This makes your mind feel relaxed but when you step out of this room, things become different.

You’ll be playing in front of people, getting distracted by noise or something else that might throw you off.

When you’re in your practice room where all these distractions can’t affect you, don’t get too relaxed because things won’t be the same when playing in front of people.

Therefore, I recommend that whenever possible; try to play on stage as much as possible so that you’ll become used to all the different distractions and become a better player.


Here’s another mistake I’ve seen many times; guitar players who only practice for a week or two and think they’ll become great guitar players.

The truth is; every month, every year that goes by without you practicing will make it harder to improve as a guitarist.

Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself such as “I’ll be able to play guitar in 6 months” or “I’ll have my own band after a year”.

It’s not that simple, the more time you waste without playing, the harder it will get.

If you want to become a great guitarist, then start practicing today!

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In conclusion

I’ve given you four guitar player mistakes that I see students make often.

I hope this article has helped you realize why players become better only after years of playing and how it’s important to be patient enough to improve at a slow but steady pace.

If you avoid these mistakes, then I’m sure that your progress will be much faster than the average guitar player.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this article useful!

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