15 Interesting Facts About Firefighters

Are you a firefighter? If you are, then this post is for you! We’ve gathered 15 interesting facts about firefighters. This is a also good read for anyone who wants to learn more about what it’s like to be a firefighter.

1. International firefighter day

International firefighter day is on the 4th of May every year. It’s a day to celebrate the firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty, and to remember all those who have been injured. Besides, each country may have its own nation firefighters day.

Fire Department First In Last Out – Personalized Firefighter Metal Sign Wall Art Home Decor
Fire Department First In Last Out – Personalized Firefighter Metal Sign Wall Art Home Decor

2. The most common cause of death for firefighters is a heart attack

According to the latest statistics, there are about 9,000 deaths each year that are directly caused by the job of being a firefighter. This is higher than the number of deaths caused by soldiers and police officers combined! The number one cause of death for firefighters is a heart attack. This is because they have to perform strenuous physical tasks like lifting heavy objects and climbing ladders, which puts a lot of strain on their heart.

3. Firefighters can expect to retire after about 20 years of service

On average, firefighters will have to work for 20 years before they retire. This is because their job is physically demanding, and the more years you put in, the better off you are.

4. It’s illegal for firefighters to wear perfume while on duty

It’s illegal for firefighters to wear perfume or cologne while on duty, because it may interfere with their ability to smell smoke or other chemicals in order to protect themselves and their colleagues. If they do wear cologne or perfume while working, they will have a test when they go home. They have to be able to smell it out of a bottle at least 10 metres away!

Personalized Firefighter Metal Sign Wall Art
Personalized Firefighter Metal Sign Wall Art

5. A firefighter’s uniform is designed for safety and comfort

The main aim of a firefighter’s uniform is safety and comfort. It has to be warm enough that it doesn’t need any special clothing underneath it, but not so hot that it causes a fire hazard if someone accidentally touches it by accident! The helmet also has ventilation holes in it so that the firefighter can breathe properly when they are inside a building where there could be dangerous gases or smoke.

6. There are 3 different types of firefighting equipment used by firefighters around the world: hose reel gear (used in Australia), tank gear (used in the US), and pump gear (used in the UK)

The most common equipment used by firefighters around the world is hose reel gear. This is because it’s easy to transport and it’s a lot less expensive than tank gear or pump gear. The only difference between hose reel gear and tank gear is that the hose reel will automatically wind up the hose when you’re not using it, while a tank will have to be manually wound up.

7. A firefighter’s uniform should be kept in good condition

It’s important for firefighters to keep their uniforms clean and well-maintained, so they can quickly access any part of their uniform if they need to do so. They also need to check their uniform at least once a month for any holes or tears that could let smoke or chemicals into them, which could be dangerous if they were to touch them by accident!

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Welcome Fire Station – Firefighter Metal Sign Wall Art
Welcome Fire Station – Firefighter Metal Sign Wall Art

8. Most fire departments have training grounds where firefighters can practice their skills on real fires

Most fire departments have training grounds where firefighters can practice their skills on real fires, which helps them become more skilled in how to put out a fire when they eventually do have one on site! The reason for this is that no two fires are exactly the same, so practicing on real fires gives firefighters an advantage over others who may not know how best to put out a fire.

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9. Female firefighters

In the US, woman firefighters have been able to join fire departments since the 1960s. In the UK, they were first allowed to join in 1974. Women in the fire servive in the UK also have a slightly different uniform than male firefighters, with a white T-shirt and trousers instead of a yellow one.

10. There are different types of firefighting gear available for women and men

Women’s gear is designed to fit their smaller bodies, so it’s important that it’s comfortable! It also has a skirt or trousers part at the bottom which is designed to stop any possible fires from spreading if they were to be caught on something like a window or door frame. The same goes for men’s gear as well, except that it has pants instead of skirts!

11. Firefighters who are injured during their work may be entitled to receive compensation

If you get injured during your work as a firefighter, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries if they are caused by negligence on behalf of someone else – such as your employer or someone else who employs you. It’s important that you know how this process works before you get injured so that you don’t end up being paid less than you deserve because there was negligence involved!

12. Wildland firefighters jobs are not for everyone

Wildland firefighters, such as those who work in forests or on mountains, can be some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Most of the time they have to work alone and without any backup, so they need to know how to stay safe and not get injured. They also have to know how to stay safe when they’re not working alone! One of the famous wildland firefighter group is Grassroots Wildland Firefighters.

13. Firefighter dog shows

Firefighters have been showing their dogs at events since the early 1900s. It started when firefighters in America got together to see who could have the best-trained dog, and now it’s become a big part of the job!

14. Firefighters are often known as “firemen” or “firefighters”

When you say “fireman,” people may think of a firefighter working on a building or vehicle fire, but that isn’t always the case. Many firefighters work in more rural areas where there are more wildland fires, so they may be called “firemen.” Also, if you say “firefighter,” it might sound like you work for a fire department and that might not be true either! There is no single word that describes what all firefighters do!

15. Firefighter simulator games

There are some great firefighter simulator games out there now, and you can play them on your mobile phone! Firefighter training is always important, and these games are great for helping firefighters learn new things and keep their skills sharp.

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