10 Tips to Nature-Inspire Your Wood Decor Using Personalized Wood Sign

It seems like everything we own is covered with wood signs. From our coffee tables to kitchen cabinets, we don’t seem to have anywhere that isn’t covered with wood signs. They give our home a warm woodsy feel, and they add a personal touch that makes things look much better than they might otherwise. So whether you want to create a rustic woodland cottage or a formal sitting room filled with elegant wooden furniture, a wood sign is an excellent way to express yourself. Here are 10 tips for nature-inspired decorating using personalized wood signs:

  1. Keep it simple

A single piece of wood can be just as eye-catching as a multi-piece set! And you’ll need to buy only one piece so there’s no need to worry about matching pieces.

  1. Choose the right size

If your sign is meant to go on top of a wall, then it should be large enough to cover up the entire surface. Otherwise, you could end up with a big hole in the middle of your wall if it doesn’t fit properly. If you plan to hang it from a nail on the side of your house, make sure it is long enough to span across two full walls. The length of your sign will depend on how far down the wall it needs to reach.

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  1. Make it attractive

Make sure that the design and color of your sign match what you’re trying to say. A sign made out of wood that looks good on its own will be even better when paired with a wall or door frame painted black. However, if you want a sign that stands out all by itself for better styling, choose a bright color like red, yellow, green, blue or purple. These contrasting colors will really catch everyone’s attention.

  1. Create a unique style

You might think this tip sounds obvious, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little personality to your home. For example, you can make your sign into a bird feeder or simply make it into a beautiful bird sign. You may also decide to paint it in different colors–white, gray or black. Whatever design you choose, keep it interesting!

  1. Be creative

Choose a theme for your sign. If you’re looking for something to do for Mother Nature, consider making a sign that says “Mother Nature loves me.” Or maybe you’d prefer something like “My backyard has fresh air!” Or “I’m happy because I’ve got a tree!”

  1. Use the right wood

There are many woods that work well for wood signs. Pine, birch and oak are all great choices for interior design, but you might come across some other types of wood that you would like to use. For example, check out these woods: maple, cherry, walnut, teak and mahogany. Wood has many fun facts and myths that you should have a look at this blog for further view before choosing the right one. Some woods are appropriate for kitchen or dining room, but some are more suitable for living room or baby nursery room.

  1. Add a message

Along with your design, you’ll want to include a message. This can be anything you want it to be. “Peaceful day” works perfectly well. You can also write a short message of your own that makes a special point.

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  1. Don’t forget the writing

Once you put your sign together you’ll notice that it probably won’t say very much unless you have some kind of writing on it. The easiest way to make a message stand out is to use a typeface that is bold and large enough to get noticed.

  1. Add some details

To really set off your sign you might want to add a few more details like flowers or maybe even some glitter! There are lots of different ways to decorate your sign and make it stand out from the crowd so don’t be afraid to get creative!

  1. Be proud!

Now that your sign is done you need to get out there and show it off! Put it up somewhere in your home decor where everyone can see it and take some pictures (or even video) of yourself holding up your sign and sharing it with the rest of the world! You can share your sign on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), Now go out there and spread some peace and love! 🙂

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