10 Tips to Find The Perfect Necklace Length

Choosing the ideal necklace length has become increasingly easier thanks to the various types of necklaces available on the market. Whether you want to wear your jewelry with a sophisticated vibe or a bohemian feel, finding the perfect necklace length for yourself or someone else doesn’t have to be complicated. Read these 10 tips to get you started:

  1. Start With a Short Necklace

A simple and elegant look is still achievable even when you choose to wear a short necklace. The style will go well with any outfit, and you can wear it with everything from a summer dress to a winter coat. It also gives the appearance that you’re wearing something on top of your clothes instead of beneath them. This way, it’s not too obvious that you’re wearing jewelry at all – which is always a good thing!

  1. Add A Chain For Extra Length

If your necklace is short but you’d like it to sit more comfortably on your neck, you might consider adding a chain to the back of your necklaces. Just be sure to add one that’s just long enough to dangle in front of your chest. If the chain is too long, it’ll pull down on your collarbone, making the piece appear shorter than it really is.

  1. Try Out Different Materials

Not every necklace needs to be made of metal or stone. If you’re looking for something more unusual, consider experimenting with other materials. You can also try out different metals when creating your own custom pieces. You can try out different metals for different styles or experiment with different types of finishes to create something completely unique.

  1. Choose A Single Piece Of Jewelry Over Multiple Necklaces

Some people think that wearing multiple necklaces at once gives them more options when it comes to styling their outfits, but this actually causes more problems than it solves. You end up with accessories that are competing with each other for attention and that look much more complex than they really are. Instead, opt for just one statement piece that makes a visual impact while still being comfortable and wearable. You’ll find that this will give you more outfit options as well as being much easier to style in general.

  1. Go For A Single Statement Piece

Instead Of A Chunky Chain It’s best to avoid chunky chains and big clasps since they might make you look less feminine and delicate. When you can’t decide what style of chain to wear, you should stick to a single piece that will help you focus on your overall look.

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  1. Try a Simple Design

The simplest designs tend to stand out most in a crowd, so if you’re worried about standing out or looking trendy, stick to simple designs. Avoid anything overly complex if you want a timeless look. And remember: simplicity isn’t always boring.

  1. Look For Comfortable Pieces

Comfort is key when picking out a necklace that you will be wearing for several hours a day. Avoid anything that’s uncomfortable or restrictive. Consider how you’re going to wear your necklace by thinking about where you’re going to be placing it and whether you need support underneath your chin or chest area for example. If you’d rather keep your neck free, you could choose something that sits on top of a collar or wears slightly off center.

  1. Wear The Right Size

Most important, you need to size your necklace correctly based on your body type. Necklaces come in many sizes, ranging from petite, small, medium, large to extra-large. Be careful to make sure that the size fits your entire torso, especially if it’s fitted to the collarbone (which is the case with most collars). If it’s cut higher or lower, you may need to resize it.

  1. Layer It Up

It’s fun and stylish to layer necklaces and wear them together. Layering helps add dimension and makes every piece of jewelry appear more expensive—which is never a bad thing! It is important not to go overboard with the amount of necklaces you wear at one time as this will draw too much attention to the jewelry rather than the rest of your attire. When it comes to layering necklaces, quality over quantity is key!

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