10 Tips for Truck Drivers in the Rain

Driving in the rain requires special attention from truck drivers. You might get stuck and damaged your vehicle, or worse, cause severe damages to anyone standing beside you, including pedestrians. It’s also difficult to see road markings clearly under heavy rains.

It is important to follow these 10 driving tips for truck drivers in rainy weather so you won’t get distracted by anything outside the vehicle.

  1. Use your wipers properly

You want to be careful not to use your wipers on a regular basis, because it will only make things worse if they become clogged or torn. Instead, clean out your wiper blades regularly.

If there are any problems with your windshield wipers, contact your nearest repair shop immediately; otherwise, they can become dangerous.

You don’t need to use your headlights when it is raining very lightly. But, when it starts pouring or coming down harder than usual, turn on both of them and wipe the headlights with a handkerchief. This will keep you safe.

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  1. Check your tires frequently

Checking your tires regularly is an indispensable part of truck driver training. The surface of roads covered with water or mud may change due to changes in the temperature.

You should always check your brakes carefully before entering the highway at night and early in the morning. You should also check your steering wheel regularly and adjust whenever necessary.

  1. Pay attention to other cars around you

Other drivers who drive slower-moving vehicles like trucks may have trouble keeping up with traffic during heavy rainfall. In such cases, you should take extra care as well.

If possible, avoid passing too close to other drivers; otherwise, you may end up creating quite a large slick spot for yourself. When the road is slippery, don’t apply your brakes too much either. It’s better to slide safely than crashing into objects.

  1. Take a break every hour

It’s best to rest after traveling long distances. Make sure that you stay away from alcohol and drugs while resting. When you are able to, you should go for a walk and stretch your muscles a bit before bed time.

If you sleep while sitting up, try using a travel pillow rather than relying on your seatbacks for head or neck support. This will give you a better night’s sleep without placing any unnecessary stress on your joints and muscles.

Even if you have the best intentions and are taking good care of yourself, traveling can take quite a toll on your body. These tips can help make sure that you enjoy the benefits of traveling pain-free throughout the holidays!

  1. Change your driving route if it’s really bad out there and find someplace new to explore

Who knows what you might find by taking a different route! This can be done with running too! You may not know how far is too far until you start out and find out but hey…it’s fun! Just be safe :). If you do feel like going further or more often then that’s awesome!

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  1. Keep your mind sharp and engaged at all times

Traveling can take a lot out of everyone and leave us feeling fatigued, so when I return home I always make sure to eat something that will give me immediate energy and revitalize my body from all the traveling I did before arriving home again.

Here is one of my favorite dishes that gives me energy and helps me come back even stronger than before I left home!

  1. Keep a safe distance between your car and the one coming from ahead (in case of an emergency stop)

When you see a white line on either side of the road, it means it is safe to overtake other vehicles

When the speed limit decreases from 60 km/h to 40 km/h or above, then it means that you should decrease your speed by a third of what is indicated on the sign. This makes sense because of the increased risk of accidents at higher speeds.

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  1. Check your headlights regularly because they can get dirty easily

Dirt reflects light which could reduce your visibility and lead to rear-end collisions. When your lights are dirty, remove them and wash them thoroughly – this prevents dirt, dust, bugs, etc. from getting inside them.

If you’re unsure of the size of your headlight beam, ask someone else for advice, or research online about what you want to purchase.

Remember, no one knows the specific bulb you have installed in your headlight bulbs unless you have bought replacement bulbs that are specifically for your make model vehicle.

  1. Always wear a seat belt when driving or riding in a truck

According to statistics, over half of all car accident injuries involve drivers or passengers not wearing seat belts Make sure to replace worn out tires with new ones.

You should check all four tires on your vehicle regularly for tread wear and uneven wear patterns – this gives you an idea if there is excessive wear on any particular tire – this could also lead to tire failure or a blowout resulting in a serious collision.

When buying new tires for your vehicle, use a reputable tire dealer who has experience helping truck drivers select appropriate sizes and types for their needs.

Check your tire pressure regularly and top off when the recommended PSI mark is reached or below so you are safe and ready for any conditions the road throws at you.

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  1. Drive slower in the rain

Slowing down makes it easier to brake, handle turns, and maneuver through intersections. This will allow you to concentrate your attention on what’s happening in front of you instead of being so focused on braking and steering.

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