10 Helpful Tips To Prevent Truck Drivers From Distracted Driving

Distracted drivers are responsible for thousands of crashes each year, and their number continues to rise. Distracted driving poses great risks for the drivers, those close to them and the public as a whole. To keep yourself safe while on the road, follow these 10 tips to ensure you stay clear-headed while behind the wheel.

  1. Turn off your phone before getting into your truck

And don’t use any smart device at all when you’re driving. It could be distracting, and it can even change the way that your brain processes information.

  1. Take frequent breaks

Every 2 hours or so to stretch, get out of the car and do something else besides drive. Staying focused is crucial to driving safely. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends getting out of the car for at least 15 minutes every two hours. That way, you can drive with a clear head and fresh eyes.

You should also make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. After you stretch and walk around, get back in the car and continue on with your trip – don’t try to catch up or make up for lost time.

  1. Plan ahead

For gas stops and other roadside needs, such as rest stops and restrooms. If you have to stop suddenly, turn your head away from your phone and pull over to the side of the road in a well-lit area. Avoiding eye contact with a distracted truck driver may help remind him or her to pay attention to what’s going on around them. Do not leave anything in your vehicle that could distract you, like children or pets.

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  1. Make sure that your vehicle is in top condition

And that it has all of the maintenance that it needs. If you need new tires, visit a tire store for assistance in picking out the best ones for your vehicle. Whether you are experienced or newbie truckers, this is always the first step before getting yourself into a truck.

  1. Make sure that your gas tank is full before you leave home

So that it won’t run out on you unexpectedly.

  1. Keep all valuables out of sight in your vehicle

Including cash, credit cards, electronic devices and anything else that you might not want to be stolen or lost. They could easily make you distracted when in sight.

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  1. Be aware of where you park your car

So that it isn’t exposed to potential thieves who might break in to get what they want.

  1. Don’t drive when you are sleepy or fatigued.

Long haul trips are never easy. However remember to always get plenty of rest and eat healthy meals and snacks before bed so that you will wake up energized and alert.

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  1. Don’t rely on cruise control to keep your truck at a desired speed when driving on the highway for long periods of time

Instead maintain constant attention on the road ahead of you at all times while driving on the highway in order to avoid potential accidents like rear-end collisions caused by distracted truckers who aren’t paying attention to the road ahead of them at all times (which are often fatal).

  1. Don’t drive distracted

By talking or texting on a cell phone, playing music or video games, eating or drinking, or any other activity that takes your attention off of the road ahead so that you can avoid accidents like rear-end collisions caused by distracted drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road ahead of them at all times (which are often fatal).

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