10 Decor Tips From Home Staging Experts

From adding a fresh coat of paint to staging your home, decorating is an important part of making a home feel like home. We spoke to experts in the home staging field and learned how they make their homes look beautiful and inviting. Here are their 10 decor tips:

1. Brighten Up A Room

A dark room can make a room feel smaller and cramped. Instead, use bright colors to add energy and life to the space. The brighter the better, so go with a color like yellow or orange that will pop out from the walls. Add a large flower arrangement to the table or bring in a bright vase of flowers on your kitchen table or nightstand.

2. Add A Statement Piece

A statement piece is a piece of art or furniture that makes an impact and says something about you, your home, your personality and style. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a statement piece; even something as simple as adding a bright painting on your wall can make an impact without breaking the bank.

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3. Use Color Accent Pieces

Adding color accents in small amounts can be very effective in giving a room depth and interest without being overwhelming in scale or expense. Paint or wallpaper your entryway in red, use small lamps throughout the house and paint accent pieces like pillows, mirrors and picture frames in bold colors such as orange, red or blue — just don’t go overboard with them!

4. Make Your Bedroom Feel More Inviting With Soft Lighting And Decorations

Use soft lighting and decor to make your bedroom feel more inviting. This includes the lamps, bedding and curtains in your room. Avoid using harsh lighting or anything too bright as this can make you feel uncomfortable and sleepy.

5. Make Your Bathroom More Inviting With Bright Lighting And Soft Scents

If you’re not using scented candles in your bathroom, add them to your nightstand or bathroom countertop for a relaxing scent. Use soft lighting throughout the room to create a soothing environment and keep the lights off when you’re in bed.

6. Use Neutral Colors In The Kitchen To Make A Room Feel More Open And Airy

A neutral kitchen makes for a more open space that’s easier to clean and doesn’t feel like it takes up an entire wall of the house. Choose a color palette of white, light gray or light blue — just avoid anything too dark as it can make your kitchen seem smaller than it is and too much contrast with the rest of your home can be overwhelming.

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7. Keep A Small Picture Frame On Your Bedside Table To Inspire You And Remind You Of Your Friends And Family

Keep a picture frame on your nightstand to inspire you and remind you of your friends and family. A few pictures on your nightstand will brighten up the space and make it feel more inviting.

8. Add An Old-Fashioned Clock To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Inviting

An old-fashioned clock adds a classic look to your bedroom and reminds you of the past. A vintage clock can be found at many thrift stores or antique shops for a reasonable price.

9. Add Soft Lighting To Your Bathroom To Make It Feel More Inviting And Relaxing

Soft lighting makes your bathroom feel more inviting and relaxing, so keep the lights off when you’re in the shower or tub. A few candles in the room will also create a relaxing environment and make you feel more comfortable while you’re taking a bath.

10. Add An Outdoor Fireplace To Your Backyard To Create A Comfortable Living Space For Family And Friends

If you don’t have an outdoor fireplace in your backyard, consider adding one! An outdoor fireplace can create an inviting space that will make family and friends feel right at home when they come to visit, especially during cold winter months or during those long summer nights.

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