10 Biggest Common Mistakes Rookie Truck Drivers Should Avoid

As a truck driver, it’s important to be careful while operating a vehicle with thousands of pounds of cargo on board. Driving a truck safely requires you to know how to avoid certain errors that might cause a potentially deadly accident. Here are ten major mistakes rookie truck drivers should keep away from.

  1. Using Drugs and Alcohol

T ruck drivers who use drugs or alcohol have a lot less control over their vehicles, and this can cause serious accidents. You are responsible for knowing what is legal and illegal for truck drivers to use and being able to avoid anything that might impair your driving abilities. Don’t get behind the wheel if you have been drinking and make sure you don’t get behind the wheel if you have been using drugs either.

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  1. Not Properly Training

Truck drivers should get plenty of training before they drive a truck. Make sure you go through an accredited program so that you can learn everything there is to know about driving a large commercial vehicle in a safe manner.

  1. Not Following Rules Regarding Commercial Driver License

A commercial license allows you to drive truckloads of cargo all across the country at any given time. If you want to drive trucks as a career, you must have a CDL. Drivers who have not gone through the proper training should not be allowed to drive trucks.

  1. Failing to Look at Maps

If you want to drive trucks around the United States, then you need to make sure you are looking at maps constantly. This will help you avoid getting lost and will ensure that you always know where you are going.

  1. Being Unaware of Hazards

It’s very common for inexperienced truck drivers to run into problems when they try to navigate traffic and other hazards. If you haven’t done enough research to understand the rules of the road, you could find yourself in trouble when you hit obstacles or other vehicles.

  1. Failure to Watch Out For Other Trucks

When you see a vehicle approaching your own, you need to watch out for it carefully, especially if it is on the opposite side of your lane. Otherwise, you may end up hitting it accidentally.

  1. Going Over The Speed Limit

Drivers are expected to follow the speed limits no matter what kind of weather conditions they encounter, but most new truckers tend to forget this rule. When you travel at high speeds, you also increase your chances of having accidents. Slow down to save lives!

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  1. Making Mistakes While Steering

Most truck drivers spend more time steering than they do actually driving. This means that they need to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by other things that may be going on around them or inside their own vehicle. Distracted driving is more common among young drivers, and many trucking companies are now taking steps to educate their new drivers about the dangers of distracted driving, including texting while at the wheel. However, it is still important for new drivers to avoid driving while distracted.

  1. Driving Without Having Enough Experience

One of the biggest mistakes made by novice truck drivers is trying to operate a vehicle with only a few hours under their belt. This is dangerous because inexperienced drivers often lack patience and cannot react quickly to changing situations properly. They are prone to making mistakes like running red lights and avoiding collisions.

  1. Not paying attention to signs and signals can lead to a collision

It is easy to miss the stop sign when you are preoccupied with another vehicle because you are watching the road ahead instead of watching out for other vehicles.

Another mistake that makes people lose control of their driving skills is failing to slow down before entering a crossroad leading to a crash.

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