10 Best Tips For Teachers Who Have Taken Their Classes Online

Teaching an online or blended course can be a real challenge, especially for afresh college professor. It requires that both the teacher and students learn new skills to complete successfully , handing in assignments, deadlines, and tests.

When you are starting out teaching your first online class, keep these tips in mind . They’ll help you make the most of the course and ensure that your students are more successful than they ever imagined.

  1. Make sure to always prepare yourself before you start an online class

Do some preliminary research so that you know what the course expectations will be, how long assignments should take, what software you will use to create the course , etc. That way when you start teaching your online class, you are much more flexible in responding to challenges that might come up.

  1. Define every student’s role

It is important that each student understands their role in making sure they complete all of their assignments successfully . Put specific guidelines of what students need to know for each assignment in the course syllabus.

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  1. Include a writing element in your online class

One of the most important things you can do when you teach an online class is to get your students involved with reading and writing, even if it’s just responding to questions from classmates. The more they read and write, the more they improve their writing skills.

  1. Be available to students

It is important that you are aware of how to reach your students quickly , so you can help them if they are struggling with an assignment or are having trouble understanding the topic. Make sure to set up specific times where they can contact you if something comes up during a class period.

  1. Encourage collaboration

Collaborating with your students is a great way for them to learn from their peers and get feedback on their work. Look into resources that allow students to submit papers online, so they can get more eyes on their work , which often leads to better final product.

  1. Make the most of technology

Technology offers a lot of tools that you can use to enhance your class, such as sending messages via an instant messenger or blogging about the topic. Utilizing technology will keep your students interested and give them opportunities they wouldn’t normally have in traditional classes.

  1. Make time for grading and feedback

In a traditional classroom, it is common to give students actual grade on their work. In an online environment, this can be trickier , but it’s still important that you spend some time grading and giving feedback on how they did.

  1. Don’t give up!

Teaching your first online class can be a challenge , but if you keep at it, it gets easier. You will get used to sifting through online discussions and giving feedback on student work doesn’t take as much time as you think.

  1. Be prepared to start over

Even if you have taught your online class before or had success in the past, don’t expect it to go the same way every time. The first time you teach an online class , expect things not to go as planned and be ready to change and adapt as needed throughout the course.

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  1. Have fun!

Teaching an online class can be a challenge, but if you stay positive and have fun, your students will love your class. Try to find humor in situations when things go wrong , and keep reminding yourself that all classes are different and it’s not always easy.

In conclusion, these tips will help you have a successful first online class, and many more to come. Teaching your first online class can be a challenge, but ultimately it builds a very strong foundation for expanding your audience.

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